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IPNow Google IG Module - 10/11/06
Now you can view your IP Address and other info about your computer right on your Google IG Homepage. All you have to do is click the "Add to Google" button below the IPNow gadget will be added to your IG page.
Once added you can see your IP Address, Browser, and OS, right on your IG page. If you want to see more info about your computer you can click the 'edit' button at the top right and then select the 'Advanced Info' check box. Then you will be able to see even more information.

Click here to add the IPNow Google IG module to your homepage:
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IPNow.Org Counter Problem... - 5/29/06
We recently realized that our image views counter has not been working correctly. I recently looked through my logs and found through another stat that we were missing some views. So I used some math to find it.
Here's what I did...

  • old = number of image views on old server
  • current = image views when I fixed the counter
  • uncountednumber = number of referring urls (we started recording these when we moved servers)

newnumber = (uncountednumber-(current-old))+current

To make a long story short I updated it today with the correct number -- 797,205.

You Are Now Viewing IPNow.Org on Dreamhost - 3/11/06
We recently switched our hosting to DreamHost. They made the switch nice and easy and seem to be a lot faster than our old host. To sign up for hosting from DreamHost click here and use the promo code: IPNOW50OFF to recieve $50 off your purchase.

Downtime - 3/6/06
We recently had some problems with some downtime due to a news posting about a vulnerability in gmail. There was a screenshot hosted here but I moved it so we shouldn't recieve any more downtime from that news story. Also in a couple days we are moving to a new host so we will have some downtime for that... but lets hope that the new host will bring an end to our downtime once and for all!

New Features - IPv6, Javascript and More! - 11/7/2005
New features have been added. These features include IPv6 detection, .NET runtime detection (Internet Explorer only), javascript detection, frames detection, and the affiliate image.


Welcome To The New IPNow.Org - 10/20/2005
After remodeling and many new additions we bring to you the new IPNow.Org, formerly known as MyIP.JACware.Com. With this major update we bring many new additions including: News, The Operating System Image, and The Graphical MyInfo Image.

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What is IPNow?

IPNow.Org is a site that tells you your IP Address and much more information. Remember if you ever need your IP Address, you need your IP Address now, at IPNow.Org

Site News

We are now offering a new way to view your IP Address and other info about your computer, right on your Google IG Homepage.
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